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Kill Your Excuses Once and For All

Wasted Potential:  Kill Your Excuses Once and For All

How to look at your life as the priceless commodity it is

Etta James died a few weeks ago.  It was a sad event.  Many of my Twitter buds and Facebook friends sent out words of sadness.

  • "I can’t believe it!  What a shame!"
  • "We’ll miss you!  RIP Etta!"
  • "Thanks for the songs, the voice and the love Etta!!"

Etta James was a great singer.  I’m sure many people will miss her, especially her family and friends.  Lets take a moment and mention some other famous people who’ve passed on recently; Nick Ashford, Steve Jobs, Christopher Hitchens, Patrice Oneal, Joe Frazier, Andy Rooney, Al Davis and Elizabeth Taylor, just to name a few.  They will all be missed.  Lucky for us, or should I say, blessed for us, these people left us with memories, songs, ideas, inventions, dreams, stories, journeys that we can take and use in our lives.  These people made a difference in their own ways.

Our Contribution to the World

The death of any great contributor to our world is a sad thing, but what I find even sadder is all the great contributors that never contributed.  You might remember a few.  Nope.  These aren’t the famous people the world knows, these are famous people to us.  People who we knew.  People who’ve touched our lives and are now gone forever, but should’ve, could’ve touched so many more lives if they could of just…just …just…..  you know what I mean.   just….have done it.

I’m talking about all the former citizens of this planet who took their great ideas with them to their graves.  I’m sure they all meant well.  They meant to get around to sharing their gifts, but “life” got in the way.  It can happen to you and I too.  It happens everyday.  If we let it, our everyday lives can rob us of our contributions to this world, our families and ourselves.  What a tragedy!

Just think of …..

All the great songs that were never sang.

There’s someone, somewhere who probably sang better than Luther Vandross whom I never got to hear because he quit singing before he or she was signed to a label.

All the inspiring dances never danced.

There’s a dancer out there who would’ve impacted modern dance, but they didn’t.  They spent their best years working at a shit job.  Why?  Because it was the safe thing to do.  Someone told them it was the smart thing to do.  The talked themselves into believing it was the responsible thing to do.

Should I keep going?


What about all the great improvements to our world that never happened?  The gifted inventor who could’ve invented the next piece of green technology, but gave up on his idea because things became too tough.

I’m talking to you too.  I’m sure you have something to share with me, us, the world, but you aren’t sharing it right now.

Sure, you have your reasons.  Good reasonable reasons.  They may be good reasons to you, but I call them excuses.  I made a list.  A list of ‘The Worlds Worst Excuses’.  Read the list below and see if anything rings a bell…

The Worlds Worst Excuses

  1. it’s too hard
  2. no one believes in me
  3. i have kids, bills, a dog, a cat, a sick mother…
  4. the odds are against  me
  5. i don’t have the money
  6. i don’t have the connections
  7. i  don’t know where to start
  8. i just don’t have the time

and so on and so on…

Excuse bring about one thing and one thing only: Wasted Potential.  Wasted Potential is a vile, horrible, horrific, terrible, disgusting, all together horrendous thing.  We know it.  We’ve seen it.  We’ve seen people we love leave this earth with regrets.  We’ve cried for them.  We’ve felt sorry for them.  The best thing you can do for them is - not join them.  Learn from them.

Do the thing

The thing that you know in your bones you must do.  Own up to your excuses.  Look those excuses dead in the eye.  Size them up.  Your excuses mean you no good.  Kill your excuses. Leave a legacy, a dream, a song, a book, a pathway, an invention, a hope that will live well beyond you.

To Live your dreams, first you must Kill Your Excuses.

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